Who We Are

We Create Something New

Crystals the preschool started in Jan 2016, we have successfully completed a year.
We have 1500 sq ft indoor area for children where they have fun and learn through play. As well for covering all aspects of their developments like Intellectual, Social, Emotional, Spiritual.
Having 2000 sq ft safe and secure outdoor environment for physical activities.
We work with individual and group at different time during the day. Crystal’s classrooms are well decorated with children’s original artwork.We work hard for kids overall development, as we understand every child is from different background and experience.

At Crystals your children will

  • ⦿ Build healthy and positive self-concepts
  • ⦿ Be provided with opportunities to enhance social skills
  • ⦿ Be encouraged to think, reason, question and experiment
  • ⦿ Feel free to create, take risks, and make mistakes
  • ⦿ Encouraged to demonstrate good health, safety and nutrition habits
  • ⦿ Respect cultural diversity
  • ⦿ Develop initiative and decision-making skills
  • ⦿ Be provided with opportunities for physical development

Our mission is to provide an environment that supports the development of young children and foster the social, emotional and cognitive development in them.

To Provide Appropriate Environment to the little ones, so as to impart directional knowledge and evolve feelings in as many Children as possible. The Sense of Importance and Responsibility towards the Society, Environment and the Country and to create as many unique Experiences in the Life of the little ones.

Our Teachers & Staff Details

Structure of Our Curriculum

Program for ages 1 ½ to 6 year old

Ω Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Ω Physical Development

Ω Language, Communication & Literacy Development

Ω Mathematical Development

Ω Creative Development