Nursery is the 2nd step in preschool
Age School hours per day
2 ½ years to 3 ½ years 2 ½ hours program
Nursery (Next step towards learning)

Once children graduate from playgroup, we move on to a more advanced curriculum that escalates the possibilities of learning in your child. The program focus on better reading skills, a richer vocabulary and stronger skills in basic math. This ensures that your kid is ready to venture into a new world of learning that is rich with possibilities.

What does your child Learn here ?

⇥ Listening Stories

⇥ Identifying naming Words

⇥ Singing and repeating rhyming songs

⇥ Retelling Stories

⇥ Recalling songs and poems

⇥ Learning about onself

⇥ Developing Hand-Eye coordinations

⇥ Improving speech and finger movement

⇥ Mastering appropriate gross motor skills

⇥ Developing skills from group activities

⇥ Understanding human similarity

⇥ Self help skills

⇥ Developing skills from instructions

⇥ Showing progress in experssing feelings

⇥ Helping other student

⇥ Freely choosing materials

⇥ Using make belive to play

⇥ Using art of self expression

⇥ Completing logical patterns

⇥ Matching One to One

⇥ Identify color, shapes, size and weight

⇥ Developing classifiction skill

Activities for your child to learn

♪ Fancy Dress

♪ Celebration of all festivals

♪ Sport Day

♪ Annual Day

♪ Dough play

♪ Writing upper case alphabet

♪ Educational trips

♪ Writing number

♪ Number value

♪ General Knowledge

♪ Value Education