Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully
Pre-school rules

Θ Children must be punctual to school.
Θ Children must be well behaved in the bus and must accept the authority of the driver / escort / conductor.
Θ Eating during lessons is strictly forbidden.
Θ Children must be in possession of an appropriate school bag, pencil case containing pencils, rulers, eraser, sharpener, colors, etc. and the books required.
Θ Valuable articles may not be brought into school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of these articles.
Θ No obscene material to be brought into the school premises.
Θ Any children arriving late must have his/her attendance entered in the student planner by the class teacher/staff member appointed.
Θ Children must wear the school uniform and be neatly dressed at all times during school hours and for school visits/excursions as instructed.
Θ Hair must be kept clean and neatly trimmed. No fancy hairstyles, gel, hair-dyes etc are permitted. Girls with long hair must have their hair neatly tied.
Θ Personal cleanliness and hygiene must always be observed.
Θ Glass containers for food or drink may not be brought into school.
Θ Children must line up in an orderly manner when entering a room.
Θ Children will not be allowed to leave school during school hours. However in the case of an emergency, written permission from the Principal must be sought.
Θ If a children is absent from school, a letter of explanation from parent must be submitted. His/her absence must be recorded in the student planner. In case of illness, a medical certificate from registered medical practitioner must be submitted.
Θ Application for long absences must be submitted in advance to the Principal.
Θ If the student is unwell, no medication will be done by school staff.
Θ Any damage done to the school property will be charged.
Θ Parents are kindly requested to note that we are not collecting any type of donations or deposits or any type of hidden costs, except for the actual expenses.
Θ At the time of registration, the medical form must have been filled and duly signed by the medical practitioner. Parents must inform the school authorities about any re-occurring health problems like Asthma, Epilepsy or any type of allergies. School does not take responsibility of the problems occurring due to student's illness or sudden sickness.


Θ Parents / guardians should see that their wards bring school diary everyday and that the lessons and home work assigned are done
Θ Leave application should be given for leave more than 3days.Leave less than 3 days had to be mentioned in diary.
Θ Parents should drop their children at the gate .No parents are allowed inside the school premises in school Hours. Do not fight with the security for the same reason.
Θ If your child reaches late to school he/she won't be allowed to attend the class.
Θ Kindly label all your ward's belongings such as (schoolbag, water bottle, Tiffin box, shoes etc.)
Θ Playgroup / Nursery parents should keep extra pair of dress in their child's bad.
Θ Children should carry hand towel in their bag every day.
Θ Criticism of the teachers of the school in the presence of the students must be avoided.
Θ Withdrawal of children from classes for social or domestic functions etc. is not recommended. It Retards the child's Θ progress in school and minimizes his/her respect for regular hard work with the Consequent failure in progress in his/her studies.Θ
Θ Θ Birthday celebrations are allowed in school. You can send your child in party dress and send chocolates for other Θ children if you want to.
Θ Wearing scho
ol uniform is Mandatory. Ornaments are not allowed.

Parents are requested

Θ Not to go directly to classes or call for any children through a care taker for any reason whatsoever.
Θ To ensure that fees are paid in time.
Θ To ensure that their children come to school regularly.
Θ Call up school in case you wish to leave a message for the teacher.
Θ Please do not send a sick child to school as he/she needs to rest and recuperate.